Outreach Materials

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Outreach Materials Free From USDA
The USDA has a new site where you can order or download outreach materials. Go to http://www.fns.usda.gov/snap/outreach/default.htm and select the third item on the list entitled “Food Stamp Materials for Order or Download.” The USDA also offers radio and television PSAs for use by state and local programs. To request a copy of a television PSA, send an email to SNAPoutreach@fns.usda.gov.

California Food Policy Advocates Outreach Materials
California Food Policy Advocates (CFPA) publishes several guides and information sheets that may be helpful for food stamp outreach. They are available for order online:

Making America Stronger: U.S. Food Stamp Programs
On the 30th anniversary of the 1977 Food Stamp Act, the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities (CBPP) produced Making America Stronger. This short film commemorates the 30th anniversary of the reforms achieved by the Act by telling the story of how food stamps dramatically reduced the extent of severe hunger in our country, how they continue to help Americans in need, and how this essential program can achieve still more. Watch the video online: http://www.myfoodstamps.org/FoodStampVideo.html

Food Stamp Telenovela: La Flor del Sin Nombre
A USDA-supported collaboration between UC Berkeley and the California Institute for Rural Studies, La Flor del Sin Nombre (“The Flower of No Name”) is a Spanish-language hour-long telenovela that promotes improved nutrition and educates about about food stamp access. Watch the telenovela online on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com (search "flor del sin nombre").

The Business Case for Increasing Food Stamp Participation
Why should your local businesses care about Food Stamps? The Business Case for Increasing Food Stamp Participation, published by the USDA, explains that one reason is that it helps the local economy as well as the clients. In your effort to involve a wide variety of people in your outreach efforts, be sure to use economic arguments to convince business leaders. Available at: http://www.fns.usda.gov/fsp/outreach/business-case.htm

Toolkit for Elected Representatives and Community Organizers
The Outreach Toolkit for Elected Representatives and Community Organizers is a comprehensive document on how to recruit your elected officials into giving your outreach campaign some publicity. It can be downloaded from:
http://www.myfoodstamps.org/pdf_files/OutreachOffs.pdf. To see an example of a very successful relationship developed with the First Lady of California to promote the Food Stamp Program, see: http://www.myfoodstamps.org/pdf_files/FirstLadyFlyerEngSpan.pdf.

Successful Food Stamp Innovations
Successful Food Stamp Innovations, compiled by the American Public Human Services Association, offers case studies of innovations in the Food Stamp Program that are simultaneously increasing participation and program integrity. These case studies show what states across the nation are doing to improve efficiency in the Food Stamp Program. Food Stamp Outreach Coordinators can use this in their advocacy for administrative changes on the local level. Download at:

Food Stamp Office Resource Kit
The newly developed Food Stamp Office Resource Kit has been shipped to most of California’s 58 counties. The Kit includes the “Good Food TV” video in VHS and DVD formats and a kiosk housing a poster, bilingual recipe cards and brochures in English and Spanish.

The Kit brings nutrition education into food stamp offices to provide clients with demonstrations, tips and recipes that will help them purchase and prepare low-cost nutritious meals and snacks for themselves and their families. This information, combined with the increased food purchasing power of food stamps and the myriad of other services and community activities, will promote better health among low-income Californians. You can view the English and Spanish versions of the 20 minute video and the other components of the resource kit by visiting http://www.goodfoodtv.org/.

Resources to educate people about Public Charge:  If people are concerned that applying for food stamps will make them a public charge, these tools might work.

Letter from CIS: A letter from the CIS letting people know that applying for and receiving food stamps does not impact a person's current or future residency status. A printable copy of the flyer is available in English or Spanish.

Flyer from National Immigrant Law Center: Here is a flyer from the National Immigrant Law Center has made (specific to California) in English.  For copies in other languages, go to http://www.nilc.org/ce/ceindex.htm#pubchrg

Flyers from California Immigrant Welfare Coalition: There are several flyers from CIWC in English , Cantonese, Vietnamese, Tagalog, Thai or Spanish. For more materials, go to http://www.nilc.org/ce/ceindex.htm#pubchrg.

California Outreach Materials Just Uploaded!

Alameda County EBT Flyer

Alameda County EBT Flyer Backside

Free Tax Preparation

Bilingual Staff

Food Stamp Partner Outreach Meeting Wednesday, April 16th, 2008

Food Stamp Partner Outreach Meeting Wednesday, April 15th, 2009

Familia Center Community Day, January 29th, 2009

Chinese Senior Legal Hotline

Food Stamp Partner Outreach Meeting Wednesday October 17th, 2007

Food Stamps Enrollment Clinic- Alameda. New EBT cards!

English Senior Legal Hotline

Food Stamp Enrollment at Freemont Family Resource Center

Training: Food Stamps 102, December 10, 2008

Training: Food Stamps 102, May 27, 2009

Free Food Programs

Free Food Program, Alameda County

Food Stamp Enrollment Clinic at the FRC

Food Stamp Enrollment Clinic at the FRC- Spanish

Free Food Within Your Reach, Alameda County

Food Stamp Enrollment Clinics

Training: Food Stamps. June 11, 2008

Food Stamp Enrollment Clinic

Facts & Myths of Food Stamps

Food Stamp Program Open House

Food Stamp Program Open House: Spanish

Food Stamps 101 Training: May 14, 2008

Food Stamp Program Application

Free Food Stamp Pre-Screening

Japanese Senior Legal Hotline

Russian Senior Legal Hotline

Sacramento Fresh Produce Stands & Farmers Market

Second Harvest Food Bank of Santa Clara and San Mateo Counties

Employee Benefit Screening Service

Single Stop Referral Form

California Senior Legal Hotline/Legal Services of Northern California

California Senior Legal Hotline's Quarterly Newsletter: Fall 2008

Thai Senior Legal Hotline

Solano Food Stamp Outreach Partner Meeting, Friday, February 6, 2009

Fast, Easy, Free Tax Preparation

Bring a Million to Humboldt County

Food Stamp Partner Outreach Meeting April 16, 2008

Food Stamp Partner Outreach Meeting October 15, 2008

Food Stamp Partner Outreach Meeting October 17, 2007

Familia Center Pantry 2008-2009

SNAP (food stamps) Enrollment Near You!

Food Stamp Enrollment: San Pedro

Facts and Myths of Food Stamps

Food Stamp Workshop: December 2, 2008

Food Stamp Partner Outreach Meeting July 16, 2008

Food Stamp Outreach: Torrance

Apply for Food Stamps at Harbor Interfaith Services in San Pedro

City of Los Angeles Department of Recreation & Parks Summer Food Services Program

Solano Food Stamp Outreach Pa rtner Meeting Friday, February 6, 2009

Bring a Million to Humbolt Fact Sheet

The CalSUCCESS Program Can Help!

Contra Costa and Solano Food Stamp Flier

Telephone/Walk-in Pre-Screening Potential Clients

Telephone/Walk-in Pre-Screening Potential Clients: Spanish

Familia Center Intake Form 08/09

October Equals CHANGE for the Food Stamp Program

Santa Cruz Familia Center

Familia Center 2007 Programs and Activities

Food Stamp Information for Seniors and Permanently Disabled

Choose Food Stamps for Good Nutrition

Food Stamp Clinic in Willow Creek

Students and Food Stamps

Food Stamps = Extra Cash in Your Pocket!

Chula Vista Outreach Flier

Food Stamp Application: Chula Vista

Food Stamp Outreach: Nevada

Food Stamp Screen and Referral Form

Have You Ever Wondered?

Food Stamp Flier: Spanish

Fresno Food Stamp Flier

Do I Qualify? Two per page

Choose Food Stamps for Good Nutrition

Support Your Local Farmers by Using Food Stamps

Maternal and Child HealthAccess: Spanish and English

Food Stamps = Cash in Your Pocket! Nevada

Why Promote Food Stamp Participation? Four per page

Senior Legal Hotline

Korean Senior Legal Hotline

Korean Fact Sheet

Letter to Senior Center for Hosting

Myths and Facts

Spanish Fresno Outreach

Save the Date! Senior Center Flier

National Night Out 2008

Did You Know? San Diego

San Diego Interview

Need Food? Second Harvest Flier

October Equals CHANGE

Senior Legal Hotline Reminder Letter

SNAP Campaign Thank You Letter

Spanish Food Stamp Flier

City Heights Farmers' Market Fresh Fund

Vietnemese Senior Legal Hotline